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About the Bonn Office

Hosting the headquarters of many United Nations Agencies and Offices as well as international non-governmental organizations, Bonn has become a hub for international cooperation related to sustainable development under the motto “Shaping a Sustainable Future”.

Many evangelical alliances and churches already work on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals / 2030 Agenda. The WEA seeks to further increase the impact and visibility of their engagement on different levels and to communicate evangelical beliefs and perspectives more effectively to global and national stakeholders.

Against this background, the WEA establishes an office in Bonn to reinforce efforts to connect the work of the WEA to the activities and structures of the United Nations as well as other actors in the Bonn ecosystem. The new WEA platform comprises three offices:

The WEA Liaison Office at the United Nations

In addition to the Liaison Offices at the United Nations in New York City (USA) and Geneva (Switzerland), the WEA establishes a Liaison Office at the United Nations in Bonn in order to strengthen stakeholder engagement and deepen the connections between its constituents and international and national policy-makers.

WEA Sustainability Centre (WEASC)

The Sustainable Development Goals / 2030 Agenda cannot be achieved without engaging religious organizations and communities. The United Nations and national governments have recognized this and have created various initiatives to cooperate with religious actors. The WEA will connect with the United Nations, governments and other (religious and faith-based) non-governmental organizations in order to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A specific task force on the environment, the WEA Creation Care Task Force (CCTF) works to equip evangelicals to care for creation and raises awareness on how to deal responsibly with the environment. The Task Force has produced valuable resources and built a wide network of partnerships. Using the new WEASC as a platform, the CCTF will engage with international organizations, governments and like-minded NGOs to help connect and leverage the capacities of evangelical creation care organizations for greater impact at national and global levels.

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WEA Office for International Interfaith Dialogue

Many of the WEA’s constituents work on issues related to social justice and human rights. Through an Office for International Interfaith Dialogue, the WEA seeks dialogue with organizations and communities of other religions so as to facilitate a mutual understanding as part of our Christian commitment for peaceful communities. The WEA engages strategically with political stakeholders, civil society actors and other religious organizations speaking out for freedom of religion or belief.

Through the Office for International Interfaith Dialogue, the WEA will participate more effectively in the current debates on “Faith and Development”. We seek to raise the voice of local churches and national and regional evangelical alliances who experience many of the issues the UN discusses, debates and acts on.

Bonn Leadership

Matthias K. Boehning, Director, WEA Sustainability Center
Chris Elisara, Ph.D, Associate Director, WEA Sustainability Center
Peirong Lin, Ph.D, Scientific Coordinator
Lilian Kurz, Project Coordinator
Elisabeth Apel, Project Assistant

Contact: [email protected]

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