geneva office

WEA UN Geneva Liaison

The WEA UN Geneva Liaison serves as a liaison for WEA’s constituency – its Regional and National Evangelical Alliances and other members – so that they themselves can participate or be represented at the United Nations in Geneva and speak out for justice and human rights.

The office connects Regional and National Evangelical Alliances with the UN mechanisms and draws the attention of the diplomatic community to urgent situations, advocating for the issues outlined by the respective alliance or member organization. Conveying their message from the local to the international level, the Geneva office also empowers them in the eyes of their own authorities.

The WEA UN Geneva Liaison particularly focuses on the UN Human Rights Council and its Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a mechanism that monitors and regularly evaluates the human rights records of all UN member states.

Geneva Leadership

Gaetan Roy, WEA Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva

Wissam al-Saliby, Director of WEA Geneva Office

Albert Hengelaar, UN Advocacy Officer, Geneva

Markus Hofer, UN Communication and Outreach Officer, Geneva