New york office


Educate and engage WEA constituents (regional and national alliances, global partners and associate members) about and with the work of the United Nations. Many of our constituents are already working on issues of social justice. With this, the role of the UN Liaison office in New York is to connect the work of our constituencies to the work, resources and platform of the United Nations.

We seek to engage in the various NGO processes that exist to bring the evangelical perspective to issues of peace and security, development and human rights. This can be done through engaging with UN Department of Public Information, UN Economic and Social Council and also NGO Working Groups.

We seek to meet, work and engage with governments and UN offices and agencies. This is done by introductory emails with the representatives seeking ways in which we can work together.Our goal is to educate our constituents on the work of the United Nations. We do this through various communication channels: website, news/articles, social media and webinars. We also connect and engage WEA constituents with UN platforms.

The United Nations work in peace and security, development and human rights is relevant in our world today. With that, the United Nations and governments recognize the role of civil society in promoting a peaceful world. Furthermore, there is an increasing understanding of the role faith based organizations can play in the work of the United Nations within its three pillars–peace and security, development and human rights. This is observed through various UN offices and agencies creating faith based initiatives.

As a witness of our faith, God provides us here with a unique societal opportunity. Increasingly the awareness also surfaces that people of faith in general and evangelicals in particular are valuable parts of societies. We seek to raise the voice of local churches and national alliances who experience and live in many of the issues the UN discusses, debates and acts on.

New York Leadership

John J. Girgis, Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York